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Engineering By Doing

Iron Range Engineering is a project based 4 year degree program accredited through Minnesota State University, Mankato and located in Virginia, Minnesota. IRE is a unique colaboration between Mesabi Range College, Itasca Community College, and Minnesota State University, Mankato.  Students graduate with a B.S. in Engineering, with an emphasis of their choice.  Iron Range Engineering is designed to meet the national call for a new approach to educate engineers. Iron Range Engineering is in Virginia, MN which is in the heart of “Iron Country” in the northeast portion of the state. Students are typically community college engineering graduates, though some have come here after spending time at universities.  Students do not take classes in the traditional sense. Instead, students work on a team project that reinforces engineering concepts.  Students work with faculty and clients to both complete the project for the client along with address professional and technical learning throughout the semester.  While offering a problem based learning environment, a variety of learning techniques are employed including self-directed learning, peer-directed learning, faculty-directed learning, and external expert-directed learning.  Through these techniques as well assessment and reflection, students gain long-term knowledge and understanding of the engineering process. Being located in this naturally beautiful area and having abundant natural resources, Iron Range Engineering has an ample supply of industries including mining, paper, energy and consulting that have partnered with us.

The funding to start Iron Range Engineering comes from the production of taconite pellets, a processed form of iron. Iron Range Engineering students give back to the community by:

  1. Educating a "new-look" engineer for the region and beyond
  2. Helping regional companies maintain or improve their global competitiveness through projects
  3. Development of intellectual property and spin-off high-technology companies.
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